Education Committee

This committee is responsible for preparing the syllabus to organize different training courses on various fields of metrology. It is planning to design the syllabus and conduct training courses in Physico-Mechanical and Electrical & Electronic parameters in collaboration with Programme Committee.

Education Committee Members

Chairman: Mr. Anil Kumar
Convener: Dr. Shankar Aggarwal
Members: Dr. K.P. Chaudhary
Dr. Nita Dilawar Sharma
Ms. Pranali Thorat
Mr. V.K. Jaiswal
Dr. A.C. Gupta
Mr. Ashutosh Agarwal
Dr. Manbir Kaur
Dr. Devraj Singh, Amity University, Delhi
Dr. Anil Jain, Vaisheshika Electron Devices, Ambala
Mr. Yasas Vasudeva, AIMIL, Delhi
Ex-officio: General Secretary