Events and Achievements

1 January, 1984 First meeting of Promoter Metrologists belonging to various organizations.

14 December, 1984 Registration of Metrology Society of India under the Societies Registration Act 1860 of Delhi (Registration No. S-15149 of 1984).

15 January, 1985 Formal Inauguration of the Society.

15-28 January, 1985 Advanced Course on Precision Measurements, NPL, New Delhi.

8 October, 1985 First General Body Meeting of the Society,

Publication of the Inaugural Issue of MAa€“PAN a€“ Journal of Metrology Society of India.

8-10 October, 1985 Training Programme on Precision Measurements in Industry, New Delhi.

26 November, 1986 Seminar on Role of Metrology in Quality Improvement, New Delhi.

17 January, 1987 Seminar on Legal & Metrological Control on Packaged Commodities, New Delhi.

1-4 September, 1987 Workshop on Selected Fields of Industrial Metrology, New Delhi.

26-28 October, 1988 Workshop on Fabrication, Testing & Calibration of Electronic & Electrical Components under IECO System,A New Delhi.

15-17 February, 1989 National Symposium on Metrology,A New Delhi.

6-8 September, 1989 Training Workshop on Flow Measurements and Calibration, Bombay.

5-6 September, 1991 Workshop on Measurement Management and International Competitiveness, New Delhi.

19-21 February, 1992 Seminar on Automation in Metrology, New Delhi.

15-16 April, 1993 National Workshop on ISO 9000 and Calibration, New Delhi.

23-24 February, 1994 National Workshop on ISO: 9000 and Accreditation of Laboratories, NPL, New Delhi.

23-24 February, 1995 National Workshop on Electrical and Electronic Measurements, NPL, New Delhi.

18-19 August, 1995 National Workshop on Role of Metrology in Total Quality Managements, Barkatullah University, Bhopal.

20-22 February, 1996 International Conference on Advances in Metrology and its Role in Quality Improvements and Global Trade, NPL, New Delhi.

12-14 March, 1997 Conference on Metrology in Relation to Environment, NPL, New Delhi.

3-4 March, 1998 National Workshop on Coordinate Metrology, NPL, New Delhi.

24-26 February, 1999 2nd International Conference on a€?Metrology Quality and Global Tradea€? MQGT-99, NPL, New Delhi.

9 April, 2000 Modern Trends in Metrology and Testing at Karnataka Regional Engineering College Surathkal, Mangalore, organized by MSI Southern Regional Branch, Bangalore.

6-10 February, 2001 3rd International Conference on Metrology in New Millennium and Global Trade (MMGT-2001), and A Satellite Meeting : International Conference on Time and Frequency (ICTF), NPL, New Delhi.

6-10 August, 2001 Advance Training Workshop on Mass and Volume Metrology, NPL, New Delhi.

10-13 December, 2002 Advance Training Course on Dimensional and Temperature Metrology, NPL, New Delhi.

4 February, 2003 Satellite Meeting on Impedance Metrology, NPL, New Delhi.

5-7 February, 2003 4th International Conference on Advances in Metrology : Equivalence of Standards and Global Recognition (AdMet 2003), NPL, New Delhi.

8-9 February, 2003 Training Course on Dimensional Metrology for CIMET Countries and Indian Industries, NPL, New Delhi.

17-19 September, 2003 2nd Workshop on Force Metrology, NPL, New Delhi.

22 February, 2005 Wakshop on Chemical Metrology

22 February, 2005 Warkhop on Fluid Flow Measurement

23-25 February, 2005 International Conference in Advances in Metrology (AdMet 2005), NPL, New Delhi

26-27 February, 2005 Training Programme in Mass and Dimensional Metrology

20 May, 2005 World Metrology Day and Technology Day

28 Feb.-3 March, 2006 National Symposium and Training Course on Co-ordinate Metrology

18 May, 2006 World Metrology Day and Technology Day

7 November, 2006 NPL-Industry Meet

11-13 December, 2006 International Conference in Advances in Metrology (AdMet 2006). During AdMet there were four parallel Semiras on
(i) Physical and Electrical Measurements
(ii) Pressure and Vacuum Metrology
(iii) Time and Frequency Metrology and
(iv) Chemical Metrology

20 May, 2007 World Metrology Day

11-13 July, 2007 National Symposium on Metrology and Quality Management (Language of Symposium was Raj Bhasha, Hindi)