Joint EUROLAB & IMEKO TC-11 & TC-24 hybrid conference

We are very pleased to announce the joint EUROLAB & IMEKO TC-11 & TC-24 hybrid conference to be held in Dubrovnik, October 16-20, 2022 under the slogans “Measurement for a better life” and ” Chemical measurements towards a sustainable future”.

We hereby invite you to actively participate and offer the benefit of participating in both conferences by purchasing one ticket. For all participants, we organize a free workshop (the day before the conference) about “ILAC G8:09/2019 Guidelines on Decision Rules and Statements of Conformity”

Mark the dates on your calendars, and until then, follow and for all information.

You can find more details about IMEKO TC-11 and IMEKO TC-24 at

Please forward this notice to colleagues in your environment who may be interested.

TC-11 and TC-24 organizing committee