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MAPAN Journal Metrology Society of India

MAPAN-Journal Metrology Society of India is a quarterly publication. It is exclusively devoted to Metrology (Scientific, Industrial or Legal). The Metrology Society of India (MSI) invites the submission of research communication or technical article on topics of current interest. Original work, tutorials and survey papers, which contribute to new knowledge or understanding of any metrology principle, method or technique are welcome.

Papers are considered for publication on the clear understanding that they have not been published previously or submitted to another journal for publication. Further, they will not be sent for publication elsewhere, if published in MAPAN. Papers should be clearly written in English and sent in duplicate to Managing Editor.

Paper may be submitted using following link.

Dr.Sanjay Yadav

Managing Editor MAPAN-JMSI

Metrology Society of India

NPL Premises

Dr.K. S. Krishnan Marg

New Delhi-110012


Authors have to fill the transfer of copyright form at the time of acceptance of paper for publication.

Right of Publication:

The Publication & Information Committee reserves the right of publication. The committee is not responsible for the views expressed by the Authors.




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