MAPAN Journal -30

MAPAN Journal
of Metrology Society of India

Volume No. – 30

Number 1: March 2015

Original Paper
P. Z. Si
Redefine the Kilogram in Terms of the Carbon-12 Atom and an Exact Value of the Avogadro Constant
Original Paper
W. Sabuga and T. Priruenrom
An Approach to Synchronise Effective Areas of Pressure Balances
Original Paper
D. Joshi, R. Sandeep Kumar, S. Yadav and A. Kumar
Development of an Improved Acoustic Dispersion Measurement Technique in Liquids
Original Paper
B. B. Alkan, C. Atakan and Y. Akdi
Visual Analysis Using Biplot Techniques of Rainfall Changes over Turkey
Original Paper
S. Srisuwan, C. Sirisathitkul and S. Danworaphong
Validiation of Photometric Ellipsometry for Refractive Index and Thickness Measurements
Original Paper
H. Kumar, Pardeep, M. Kaushik and A. Kumar
Development and Characterization of a Modified Ring Shaped Force Transducer
Original Paper
P. K. Khosla, R. Khanna and S. P. Sood
Quantification and Mitigation of Errors in the Inertial Measurements of Distance
Original Paper
X. Li
A Novel Numerical Approach for Solving Weight Function of Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Original Paper
R. Sen, C. Pati, S. Dutta and R. Sen
Comparison Between Three Tuning Methods of PID Control for High Precision Positioning Stage
Original Paper
L. J. Yu, X. C. Zhang and X. Wang
A Novel Weight Loading Method in the 20 kN Deadweight Force Standard Machine


Number 2: June 2015

Original Paper
Gunawan, H. A. Tjokronegoro, E. Leksono and N. Nugraha
Nonadiabatic Condition on the Natural Gas Energy Custody Transfer Using Orifice Flow Meter
Review Paper
A. Mejri, K. Farah, F. Hosni, A. H. Hamzaoui and H. Eleuch
An Empirical Model for Predicting Harwell Dose Variation During Gamma Process Interruption Using Experimental Design
Original Paper
N. Garg, K. Soni, A. Kumar and T. K. Saxena
Applications of Laser Interferometry in Providing Traceable Vibration Measurements in India
Original Paper
J. Yang, G. Li, B. Wu, J. Gong, J. Wang and M. Zhang
Efficient Methods for Evaluating Task-Specific Uncertainty in Laser-Tracking Measurement
Original Paper
S. K. Jaiswal, S. Yadav and R. Agarwal
Multiple Weighing Based Method for Realizing Flow
Original Paper
N. Farid, H. Hussein and M. Bahrawi
Employing of Diode Lasers in Speckle Photography and Application of FFT in Measurements
Original Paper
Swati, S. S. Tripathy, R. K. Saxena and P. K. Gupta
Development and Validation of Method with Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainty for the Speciation Analysis of Chromium by Ion Chromatography
Original Paper
H. M. Sidki
New Test Method for Surveying Optical Level Instruments Using CMM as a Distance Comparator Technique
Original Paper
R. H. Sardjono and B. Suprianto
Establishing the Traceability of DC Voltage Quantity in the Electrical Metrology Laboratory of Research Center. KIM-LIPI
Original Paper
O. Terra
Distance Scale Calibration of Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Using Active Intensity Modulation


Number 3: September 2015

Original Paper
High-Precision Calibration for MEMS Gyroscopes Based on Persistent Excitation Signal Criterion
Zhigang Shang, Xiaochuan Ma, Mo Li, Yu Liu
Review Paper
Design of the Ion Trap and Vacuum System for 171Yb-ion Optical Frequency Standard
A. Rastogi, N. Batra, A. Roy, J. Thangjam, V. P. S. Kalsi, S. Panja, S. De
Original Paper
Volume Determination of Vacuum Vessels by Gas Expansion Method
Sefer Avdiaj, Janez Setina, Bojan Erjavec
Original Paper
Analysis of the Effect of Microphone Parameters in Reciprocity Calibrations Using Taguchi Method
Naveen Garg, S. Maji
Original Paper
Modeling of an Enhanced Rain Attenuation Prediction for Equatorial Region
Folasade Abiola Semire, Rosmiwati Mohd-Mokhtar, Oluwole Abiodun Adegbola
Original Paper
Study of C2–C5 Non-methane Hydrocarbons and Their Ozone Formation Potential at Bhubaneswar, an Eastern Coastal Site in India
Upasana Panda, Parth Sarathi Mahapatra, Trupti Das
Original Paper
Design and Numerical Simulation of a Gas Mixer
Dedong Hu, Sen Zhang, Bo Guo, Di Liu
Original Paper
A Sensor Network to Monitor Process Parameters of Fermentation and Drying in Black Tea Production
Debashis Saikia, P. K. Boruah, Utpal Sarma
Short Communication
A Laser Based Fluorination (BrF5) System for the Extraction of Oxygen (O2) from Silicate Rocks of Himalaya and δ18O Measurements: Method Establishment and Implications
Santosh K. Rai, Sameer K. Tiwari, Aditya Kharya, Manju Negi, A. K. Gupta


Number 4: December 2015

Original Paper
Improved and Automated Primary Ultrasonic Power Measurement Setup at CSIR-NPL, India
P.K. Dubey, Anshul Jain, Shashank Singh
Review Paper
Measurement of Moisture Content of Some Hydrated Ionic Materials by Oven Drying
E. Martines-López, L. Lira-Cortés
Original Paper
Comparative Evaluation of Air Quality Dispersion Models for PM2.5 at Air Quality Control Regions in Indian and UK Cities
Sunil Gulia, Shiva Nagendra, Mukesh Khare
Original Paper
Evaluation of Three Terminal Capacitance Standards at CSIR-NPL
Satish, Neha Sawhney, Sachin Kumar, A. K. Saxena
Original Paper
Comparison of KCRV and Its Uncertainty of CCM Key Comparisons by Monte Carlo Method
S. Lee, J. W. Chung, I. M. Choi
Case Study
Development of Automated Vision Inspection System for Two Wheeler Engine Crankshaft
R. Deepa, J. Pradyumna, S. Harsha, S. Usha
Case Study
Uncertainty sources affecting reliability of chemical measurements
Justina Dobilienė, Asta Meškuotienė, Edita Raudienė
Review Paper
Retrospective Investigations of Force Measurement
Harish Kumar, Chitra Sharma, Anil Kumar, P. K. Arora