MAPAN Journal -31

MAPAN Journal
of Metrology Society of India

Volume No. – 31

Number 1: March 2016

Original Paper
Test Specific Uncertainty Analysis of Zirconia-Dolerite Ball Plate by Monte Carlo Simulation
V. A. Kulkarni, B. B. Ahuja
Original Paper
An Approach Method to Calibrate the Autocollimator with Small Angle Measurement Range
Okasatria Novyanto, Nurul Alfiyati
Original Paper
Design and Uncertainty Evaluation of a Strain Measurement System
Kunjalata Kalita, Nipan Das, P. K. Boruah, Utpal Sarma
Original Paper
Preparation of Honey Reference Material for Water Content by Karl Fisher and Refractometric Methods
Ibrahim F. Tahoun, Adel B. Shehata
Original Paper
Validation of Software Used for Calibration of Angle Block at CSIR-NPL, India M. Arif Sanjid, K. P. Chaudhary
Original Paper
Measurement Uncertainty in Airborne Sound Insulation and Single-Number Quantities: Strategy and Implementation in Indian Scenario
N. Garg, A. Kumar, S. Maji
Original Paper
Fabrication and Determination of an Aluminium Fixed Point Cell as a Secondary Standard in Thermocouple Calibration
B. A. Trisna, Suherlan, A. Achmadi, D. Larassati, G. Zaid
Original Paper
Comparative Study on the Outgassing Rate of Materials Using Different Methods
Yan Luo, Xiaobin Wu, Kuibo Wang, Yu Wang
Original Paper
Testing Transverse Sensitivity of Linear Single-Axis Pendulous Accelerometer with Double Turntable Centrifuge
W. Guan, X. F. Meng, X. M. Dong
Case Study
Measurement of Ambient NH3, NO and NO2 at an Urban Area of Kolkata, India
S. K. Sharma, Rohtash, T. K. Mandal, N. C. Deb, S. Pal


Number 2: June 2016

Original Paper
Modeling and Analysis on Alignment Error of Four Path Step Gauge Interferometer
Makoto Abe, Osamu Sato, Toshiyuki Takatsuji
Original Paper
Measurement of Refractive Index of Liquids Using Length Standards Traceable to SI Unit
M. Arif Sanjid, K. P. Chaudhary
Original Paper
Probability Health Risk Assessment and Measurement Uncertainty Estimation Related to Internal Exposure to Natural Radionuclides from Soil
Vesna Spasic Jokic, Ljubica Zupunski, Vojin Gordanic
Original Paper
Internal Flow Characteristics and Aft-cone Angle on Performance of Swirlmeter
D. S. Chen, B. L. Cui, Z. C. Zhu
Original Paper
Proposed the ANOVA Method for Analysis of Proficiency Test Result
R. Hegazy, M. I. Mohamed, A. Abu-Sinna
Original Paper
High Accuracy On-Line Calibration System for Current Transformers Based on Clamp-Shape Rogowski Coil and Improved Digital Integrator
Zhen-hua Li, Su-hong Yan, Wei-zhong Hu, Zhen-xing Li, Yan-chun Xu
Original Paper
A Microwave Transmission Instrument for Rapid Dry Rubber Content Determination in Natural Rubber Latex
Piti Sunheem, Pattara Aiyarak
Original Paper
Studies on Low Altitude Clouds Over New Delhi, India Using Lidar
S. R. Radhakrishnan, B. C. Arya, C. Sharma, Arun Kumar, S. K. Mishra, D. K. Shukla
Original Paper
Development of Four Parabens Reference Materials Certified for Purity Mass Fraction by Mass Balance Approach
Ibrahim F. Tahoun, Adel B. Shehata
Original Paper
A Geometric Approach to Beam Type Load Cell Response for Fast Weighing Zehan Kesilmiş, Tarık Baran