MAPAN Journal -32

MAPAN Journal
of Metrology Society of India

Volume No. – 32

Volume 32, Issue 1

Original Paper
On the Attenuation of Light by a Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Foam and Its Implementation as a Weight Sensor
D. U. Tamhane and A. R. Morarka
Original Paper
A Concept of Fuel Tank Calibration Process Automation Within IoT Infrastructure
M. Knyva, V. Knyva, Z. Nakutis, V. Dumbrava and M. Saunoris
Original Paper
Development of an Automated Precision Direct Current Source for Generation of pA Currents Based on Capacitance Charging Method at CSIR-NPL
B. Ehtesham, P. S. Bist and T. John
Original Paper
Erratum to: Development of an Automated Precision Direct Current Source for Generation of pA Currents Based on Capacitance Charging Method at CSIR-NPL
B. Ehtesham, P. S. Bist and T. John
Original Paper
Pressure Measurement and Traceability at NIS- Egypt
A. A. Eltawil
Original Paper
Thermal Heating Induced Fractionation Effect on d15N Measurements (Using Continuous Flow Isotope Ratio Mass-Spectrometry) for Samples Containing Lower N Contents
R. Agnihotri, R. Sawlani, C. Sharma and M. V. S. N. Prasad
Original Paper
Improved Automated System for AC Voltage Calibrations Using Extending Range Resistors
Rasha S. M. Ali and M. Helmy A. Raouf
Original Paper
Harmonic Estimation Base on Center Frequency Shift Algorithm
Y Xu, Y Liu, Z Li, Z Li and Q. Wang
Original Paper
Carbon Dioxide Respiration Rates in Wheat at Various Temperatures and Moisture Contents
E. Raudiene, D. Rusinskas, G. Balciunas, G. Juodeikiene and D. Gailius
Original Paper
Dependence of Coherence Scales of Ionospheric Scintillation Patterns on Magnetic Activity
G. A. Chavan, A. K. Sharma, O. B. Gurav, H. P. Gaikwad, D. P. Nade, S. S. Nikte, R. N. Ghodpageand P. T. Patil
Original Paper
Systematic Uncertainty Evaluation of the Cesium Fountain Primary Frequency Standard at NPL India
A. Acharya , V. Bharath, P. Arora, S. Yadav , A. Agarwal and A. S. Gupta
Original Paper
Revisit of Moving Average Technique for Smoothing GNSS Based Timing Data
P. Banerjee and S. Bansal

Volume 32, Issue 2

Original Paper
An Adapted Procedure for Calibration of the Non-digital Peak Pressure Indicators: Motor Compression Measuring Devices
C. Ekici
Original Paper
Design of Low Cost Broadband Ultrasonic Pulser–Receiver
K. Sharma, S. Singh and P. K. Dubey
Original Paper
Development of Crude Oil Reference Material Certified for the Concentrations of Sulfur, Iron, Nickel, Vanadium and Magnesium
A. B. Shehata, G. G. Mohamed and M. A. Gab-Allah
Original Paper
Design and Simulation of FBAR for Quality Factor Enhancement
Y. Kumar, K. Rangra and R. Agarwal
Original Paper
Modified Ultrasonic Technique to Study Gd-Doped ZnO Films
S. M. AL-Shomar, Mirham A. Y. Barakat and S. A. Mahmoud
Original Paper
A Comparative Study of Methods of Clock Ensemble Development
A. A. Bhardwajan, S. Maharana and T. S. Ganesh
Original Paper
Estimation of the Expanded Uncertainty of an Analytical Method to Quantify Aluminum in Tissue of Sprague Dawley Rats by FAAS and ETAAS
A.M. Garcıa-Alegrıa, A. Gomez-A lvarez, I. Anduro-Corona, A. Burgos-Herna´ndez, E. Ruiz-Bustos, R. Canett-Romero, M. G. Ca´nez-Carrasco and H.F. Astiazara´n-Garcı´a
Original Paper
A Coplanar Microstrip Antenna as a Dosimetric E-field Probe for GSM Frequencies
N. Narang, S. K. Dubey, P. S. Negi and V. N. Ojha
Original Paper
Certification of the Melt Flow Index of a Polymeric Reference Material Based on a Proficiency Testing Scheme
F. de Medeiros Albano, M. Pizzolato and T. M. Rodrigues
Original Paper
Study on Ambient Air Quality of Megacity Delhi, India During Odd–Even Strategy
S. K. Sharma, P. Agarwal, T. K. Mandal, S. G. Karapurkar, D. M. Shenoy, S. K. Peshin, A. Gupta, M. Saxena, S. Jain, A. Sharma and Saraswati

Volume 32, Issue 3

Original Paper
Development and Characterization of a Diaphragm-Shaped Force Transducer for Static Force Measurement
R. Kumar, B. D. Pant and S. Maji
Original Paper
Measurement Automation to Implement Evaluation Procedure of FourTerminal-Pair Capacitance Standards Using S-Parameters
Satish, Babita, B. Khurana and T. John
Original Paper
Studies on Lower Tropospheric Aerosols over New Delhi, India Using Lidar
S. R. Radhakrishnan, B. C. Arya, C. Sharma, A. Kumar and D. K. Shukla
Original Paper
Design and Construction of a Helical Resonator for Delivering Radio Frequency to an Ion Trap
N. Batra, S. Panja, S. De, A. Roy, S. Majhi, S. Yadav and A. Sen Gupta
Original Paper
Fully Automated Inductance Measuring System Using New Fabricated Inductance Box
M. Helmy A. Raouf, A. Eliwa Gad, El-Sayed Soliman A. Said and M. A. Elwany
Original Paper
Angle Encoding Disk Surface Parameters Evaluation Using Conventional Laser Head: Initial Study
V. Dumbrava, D. Pagodinas, V. Juska, I. Kupciunas and V. Knyva
Original Paper
Lubricant Oils as a Certified Reference Material for Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Testers
H. E. Ahmed, M. Hassan, M. Nour, A. B. Shehata and M. Helmy
Original Paper
Scalable Measurement System for Multiple Impedance Gas Sensors
G. Lentka
Original Paper
Morphology, Mineralogy and Mixing of Individual Atmospheric Particles Over Kanpur (IGP): Relevance of Homogeneous Equivalent Sphere Approximation in Radiative Models
S. K. Mishra, N. Saha, S. Singh, C. Sharma, M. V. S. N. Prasad, S. Gautam, A. Misra, A. Gaur, D. Bhattu, S. Ghosh, A. Dwivedi, R. Dalai, D. Paul, T. Gupta,S. N. Tripathi and R. K. Kotnala
Original Paper
Bilateral Comparison of Spectral Irradiance Between NIM and VNIIOFI from 250 to 2500 nm
C. H. Dai, B. Khlevnoy, Z. F. Wu, Y. F. Wang, M. Solodilov, S. Kolesnikova, I. Grigoryeva, Y. D. Lin and L. Li

Volume 32, Issue 4

Original Paper
The Difference Between GUM and ISO/TC 15530-3 Method to Evaluate the Measurement Uncertainty of Flatness by a CMM
B. Strbac, V. Radlovacki, V. Spasic-Jokic, M. Delic and M. Hadzistevic
Original Paper
Performance Characterization of Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges with Different Diaphragm Materials Below 10% of Full Capacity
H. W. Song, M. Salazar, S. M. Kim and S.-Y. Woo
Original Paper
Effects of Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide on the Determination of Sulfur Dioxide by Flue Gas Analyzer
B. Guo, S. Xu , Q. Yu, F. Sui, A. Xu and N. Zhou
Original Paper
Estimation of Uncertainty in the Calibration of Industrial Platinum Resistance Thermometers (IPRT) Using Monte Carlo Method
A. S. Tistomo, D. Larassati, A. Achmadi, Purwowibowo and G. Zaid
Original Paper
Effective Form Error Assessment Using Improved Particle Swarm Optimization
V. K. Pathak and A. K. Singh
Original Paper
Low Force Measurement Based on Impedance of a Piezo-resonator
P. Purohit, Y. K. Yadav and S. S. K. Titus
Original Paper
Investigation of ITS-90 Inconsistencies in Overlap Region of the Water-indium, Water-tin, and Water-zinc Sub-ranges
B. A. Trisna, Suherlan and G. Zaid
Original Paper
A Study of the Fractionation Dose Effect on the Radiation Response of Windose B3 Dosimeter
H. Romdhana, A. Mejri, F. Ben Hatira and A. H. Hamzaoui
Original Paper
Development of a Dynamometer to Measure All Forces and Moments Applied on Tillage Tools
N. Nobakht, M. Askari, A. M. Nikbakht and Z. Ghorbani
Original Paper
Generation of Calibration Charts for Horizontal Petroleum Storage Tanks Using Microsoft Excel
O. O. Agboola, P. P. Ikubanni, R. A. Ibikunle, A. A. Adediran and B. T. Ogunsemi