MAPAN Journal -33

MAPAN Journal
of Metrology Society of India

Volume No. – 33

Volume 33, Issue 1

Original Paper
Problems in Polarization Metrology
N. N. Nagib
Original Paper
Calibration of a Built-in Vacuum Sensor in a Gas Pressure Balance Down to 1 Pa Using RPG (Reverse-Operated Piston Gauge)
S. Y. Woo, T. H. Yang and H. W. Song
Original Paper
Structural Influence on the Performance Based on Uncertainty Analysis for Coriolis Mass Flowmeter
D. Feng, S. Fanand D. Zheng
Original Paper
Development and Implementation of Current Tee for AC High Current Calibration
S. Luthra, S. Kumari, B. Pal, S. Ahmad, P. S. Negi and V. N. Ojha
Original Paper
Signal Averaging for Noise Reduction in Mobile Robot 3D Measurement System
A. Khurana and K. S. Nagla
Original Paper
New Acyclic AryletherIonophores as Potentiometric Sensors for Ca(II) and Fe(II) Ions
H. Kaur, M. Chhibber and S. K. Mittal
Original Paper
Tungsten Oxide Thin Film Characterizations for Acetone Gas Detection
S. Sachdeva, A. Agarwal and R. Agarwal
Original Paper
An Intelligent Two Phase Fuzzy Decision Tree Based Clustering Model for Design of Computer Aided Detection/Diagnosis (CADe/CADx) System
A. Dhull and G. Gupta
Original Paper
The Strategic Role of Inter-Laboratory Comparison Among International Institutions to Assure Confidence: Report of the INRIM and the European Spatial Agency Comparison on Electrical Quantities
F. Galliana and M. Del Moro

Volume 33, Issue 2

Original Paper
Participation of RCChem–LIPI in the Key Comparison APMP.QM-K91 for pH Measurement of Phthalate Buffer
N. Hamim, Sujarwo, A. Hindayani and F. S. H. Krismastuti
Original Paper
A New Calibration Apparatus of Port Quick Leak Detector for Spacecraft
L. Zhao, Y. Cheng, W. Sun, Y. Wang, L. Chen, X. Sheng, R. Zhang, M. Guo and Y. Li
Original Paper
Estimation of Uncertainty in the Determination of Serum Electrolytes (Na, K, Ca, Mg) by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
A. M. Garcıa-Alegrıa, M. G. Canez-Carrasco, M. Serna-Felix, K. K. Encinas Soto and A. Gomez-A lvarez
Original Paper
Respiratory Health of School Children in Relation to Their Body Mass Index (BMI) During Crop Residue Burning Events in North Western India
S. Gupta, S. K. Mittal and R. Agarwal
Original Paper
A theoretical and experimental investigation of spatial distribution of radon in a typical ventilated room
R. Rabi and L. Oufni
Original Paper
Characterization of Capacitance Standards at High Frequency at National Physical Laboratory, India
Satish, J. Swami, Babita and T. John
Original Paper
Design of a Stable DC Voltage Source and Computer Controlling of It Using an Indigenously Developed All-Digital Addressing-Cum-Control Hardware
A. Roy, N. Batra, S. Majhi, S. Panja, A. Sen Guptaand S. De
Original Paper
Cooling Performance and Indoor Air Quality Characteristics of an Earth Air Tunnel Cooled Building
D. G. Leo Samuel, S. M. Shiva Nagendra and M. P. Maiya
Original Paper
Performance Analysis of Hybrid Optical Amplifiers for Super Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing System in the Scenario of Reduced Channel Spacing
C. Kumar and R. Goyal
Original Paper
Study of Size Distribution in Nanostructured Se58Ge39Pb3 Glass Using Various Characterization Methods
Deepika and H. Singh
Original Paper
A Method of De-noise and Harmonics Detection in Power System Based on Periodicity Analysis
Y. Xu, Y. Du and S. Cheng
Original Paper
Statistical Modelling of 1-min Rain Rate Derived from 1-h Integration Time in Malaysia
F. A. M. Nazri , J. S. Mandeep and H. Husain
Original Paper
Impedance Spectroscopy of Aqueous Solution Samples of Different Glucose Concentrations for the Exploration of Non-InvasiveContinuous-Blood-Glucose-Monitoring
Satish , K. Senand S. Anand

Volume 33, Issue 3

Original Paper
Coordinate-Based Evaluation of Two Dimensional Artefact Calibration Value as the Reference Standards for Coordinate Measuring Machines
O. Sato, M. Abe and T. Takatsuji
Original Paper
Development and Realization of Iron–Carbon Eutectic Fixed Point at NPLI
U. Pant, H. Meena and D. D. Shivagan
Original Paper
A Non-destructive FTIR Method for the Determination of Ammonium and Sulfate in Urban PM2.5 Samples
V. Goel, S. K. Mishra, C. Sharma, B. Sarangi, S. G. Aggarwal, R. Agnihotriand R. K. Kotnala
Original Paper
Testing of Accelerometer Transverse Sensitivity Using Elliptical Orbits
Z. Liu, C. Cai, M. Yu and M. Dong
Original Paper
Attenuation Scale Calibration of an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Using an External Laser Source
O. Terra and H. Hussein
Original Paper
Measurement Uncertainty Analysis of Temperature Based Solar Radiation Estimation Models
C. Ekici and I. Teke
Original Paper
Temporal Variation of Energy Fluxes During Dry Season in Tropical Lowland Rice
C. K. Swain, P. Bhattacharyya , A. K. Nayak, N. R. Singh, D. Chatterjee, P. K. Dash, S. Neogi and H. Pathak
Original Paper
Purity Determination and Uncertainty Evaluation of Acrylonitrile by Gas Chromatography and Differential Scanning Calorimetry
S. Xu , B. Guo, F. Sui, A. Xu, P. Zheng, S. Zhang, Q. Huang, F. Li, Y. Wang, Y. He and Q. Yu
Original Paper
Optimization of a Low-Voltage Load Switch for a Smart Meter Based on a Double Response Surface Model
D. Xiong, X. Chenand J. Yang
Original Paper
Background Radiation Measurement and the Assessment of Radiological Impacts due to Natural Radioactivity Around Itakpe Iron-Ore Mines
O. M. Isinkaye, S. Adeleke and D. A. Isah
Original Paper
Epidemiological Study on Respiratory Health of School Children of Rural Sites of Malwa Region (India) During Post-harvest Stubble Burning Events
G. S. Saggu, S. K. Mittal, R. Agarwal and G. Beig
Original Paper
Preparation and Certification of Novel Reference Material for Smoke Density Measurements
N. F. Attia, E. S. Goda, M. A. Hassan, M. W. Sabaa and M. A. Nour
Original Paper
Reconstruction Method Adopting Laser Plane Generated from RANSAC and Three Dimensional Reference
G. Xu, J. Yuan, X. Li and J. Su
Original Paper
Measurement of Percentage Depth Dose and Half Value Layer of the Rhizophora spp. Particleboard Bonded by Eremurus spp. to 60, 80 and 100 kVp Diagnostic X-rays
E. T. Tousi, A. Aboarrah, S. Bauk, R. Hashim and M. S. Jaafar
Original Paper
RoHS Regulation: Challenges in the Measurement of Substances of Concern in Industrial Products by Different Analytical Techniques
V. Balaram, U. Rambabu, M. R. P. Reddy, N. R. Munirathnamand S. Chatterjee

Volume 33, Issue 4

Original Paper 
Role of National Pressure and Vacuum Metrology in Indian Industrial Growth and Their Global Metrological Equivalence
S. Yadav, A. Zafer , A. Kumar, N. D. Sharma and D. K. Aswal
Original Paper 
Primary Level Hydrophone Calibration System Based on PC Oscilloscope
A. Biber
Original Paper 
Timing Traceability and the Link Between ISRO-NPLI
M. P. Olaniya, P. Kandpal, A. Acharya, A. S. Gupta, A. Arora, D. Suresh and T. S. Ganesh
Original Paper 
The Extension of the Electronic Speckle Photography to the Measurement of In-Plane Displacement
M. Abdel Hady, N. Abdel Maaboud, M. El Okr and M. El Bahrawi
Original Paper 
Improvement on Azimuth in Rotary Inertial Navigation System Using Photoelectric Encoder and Fiber Optic Gyro
L. Wang, W. Wang, H. Yu and Q. Zhang
Original Paper
The Evaluation of Static Deficiencies of Lower Limbs with the Use of Non-Contact Measurement
A. Ryniewicz, A. M. Ryniewicz, Ł Bojko, W. Gołebiowska, K. Ostrowska and A. Pukaluk
Original Paper 
Estimation and Analysis of Novel Dynamic Body Biased TSPC Design Technique
P. Verma, V. S. Pandey, A. K. Sharmaand A. Noor
Original Paper 
Fuzzy Reliability Analysis of the Washing System in a Paper Plant for Components with Different Membership Function
Original Paper 
The INRIM Role of Inter-laboratory Comparison Provider for Electrical Power and Energy at Industrial Frequency: A Two-Year Activity Report
F. Galliana and D. Serazio
Original Paper 
Radon Exhalation Rate Study of Sand Samples Collected from Sea Coast of Tirur, Kerala, India Using Track Etch Technique
MohdZubair and Shafiqullah
Original Paper 
Effect of Automation on GRR in Tactile Measurement
A. Dev, P. K. Jhaand V. Parkash
Original Paper 
A Comparative Study for Material Selection of Sensor Element Using Analytic Hierarchy Process
L. Yagmur and B. Aydemir
Original Paper 
Current Situation and Prospect of Nanometrology and its Standardization in Indonesia
B. A. Trisna , A. Rahman, A. R. Nugraha, N. T. E. Darmayanti and J. Pusaka
Original Paper 
70 years of Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication (EHL): A Review on Experimental Techniques for Film Thickness and Pressure Measurement
R. Kumar , M. S. Azam , S. K. Ghosh and S. Yadav

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