MAPAN Journal -34-old

MAPAN Journal
of Metrology Society of India

Volume No. – 34

Volume 34, Issue 1

Original Paper
A Calibration Method of Portable Coordinate Measuring Arms by using Artifacts
C.-H. Rim , C.-M. Rim, J.-G. Kim, G. Chen and J.-S. Pak
Original Paper
Contributions of National Standards on the growth of Barometric Pressure and Vacuum Industries
A. Kumar, V. N. Thakur, A. Zafer, N. D. Sharma, S. Yadavand D. K. Aswal
Original Paper
Comparative Study on Absorbed Dose Distribution of Potato and Onion in X-ray and Electron Beam System by MCNPX2.6 Code
I. Peivaste and GhAlahyarizadeh
Original Paper
Removal of Specular Reflection and Cross Talk in Sonar for Precise and Accurate Range Measurements
R. Singh* and K. S. Nagla
Original Paper
Implementation and Analysis of a Reference Partial Discharge Measurement System
A. Merev and I Karaman
Original Paper
Verification of the Main Ratios of the 6010C Automatic Bridge Used for Resistance Measurement
Rasha S. M. Ali and M. Helmy A. Raouf
Original Paper
Simultaneous Measurements of Ambient NH3 and Its Relationship with Other Trace Gases, PM2.5 and Meteorological Parameters over Delhi, India
Saraswati, M. P. George, S. K. Sharma, T. K. Mandal and R. K. Kotnala
Original Paper
Validation of New ITU-R Rain Attenuation Prediction Model over Malaysia Equatorial Region
F. A. Semire, R. Mohd-Mokhtarand I. A. Akanbi
Original Paper
Availability Analysis of Industrial Systems Using Markov Process and Generalized Fuzzy Numbers
N. Singhal* and S. P. Sharma
Original Paper
Senarmont Compensator Method Using Inexact k/4 Plate
N. A. Mahmoud, N. N. Nagib and M. S. Bahrawi
Original Paper
Relevance of Dimensional Metrology in Manufacturing Industries
G. Moona, M. Jewariya and R. Sharma
Original Paper
Simulation Analysis of Outboard Gas Status for Spacecraft Gas Leakage In-Orbit
L. Chen, Y Li, Y Cheng, M. Dong, D Sun, L. Zhao and W Sun
Original Paper
Investigations on Metaheuristic Algorithm for Designing Adaptive PID Controller for Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
H. Goud and P. Swarnkar
Original Paper
Artificial Neural Network Technique for Statistical Downscaling of Global Climate Model
R. S. Laddimath and N. S. Patil
Original Paper
Uncertainty Estimation in PM10 Mass Measurements
J. Pokhariyal, A. Mandal and S. G. Aggarwal

Volume 34, Issue 2

Original Paper
Monitoring of the Drift of the Pt–Ir Kilogram Prototypes of KRISS, Traceable to BIPM As-Maintained Mass Unit
S. Lee and J. W. Chung
Original Paper
Calibration of Endoscopic Systems Coupled to a Camera and a Structured Light Source
O. Icasio-Herna´ndez, J. B. Hurtado-Ramos and J.-J. Gonzalez-Barbosa
Original Paper
A Portable Online Current Monitoring System with High Precision
Z. Li and C. Li
Original Paper
Simplified and Accelerated Method of Led Lamp Useful Life Estimation
V. Dumbrava, D. Pagodinas, V. Knyva, I. Kupciunas, G. Cincikas, A. NoreikaandL. Siaudinyte
Original Paper
FEA-Based Design Studies for Development of Diaphragm Force Transducers
R. Kumar, S. Rab, B. D. Pant, S. Maji and R. S. Mishra
Original Paper
Utilizing Features Extracted from Registered 60Co Gamma-Ray Spectrum in One Detector as Inputs of Artificial Neural Network for Independent Flow Regime Void Fraction Prediction
G. H. Roshani, E. Nazemi and F. Shama
Original Paper
Effect of Illumination Systems on Statistical Texture Parameters Based Clustering and Discrimination of Machined Surfaces Using Machine Vision
K. N. Joshi and B. T. Patil
Original Paper
Proficiency Investigation of Torque Tools Calibration as a National Demand
K. M. Khaled and S. M. Osman
Original Paper
Seasonal and Spatial Variation of Particulate Aerosols and Carbonaceous Species in PM2.5 in the Periphery of Chandigarh, India
S. Garg , D. Thakur, R. Singh, A. Rajorand A. Dhir
Original Paper
Current Transformer Accuracy Improvement by Digital Compensation Technique
M. S. Ballal and M. G. Wath
Original Paper
Sonar Sensor Model for the Precision Measurement to Generate Robust Occupancy Grid Map
R. Singh and K. S. Nagla
Original Paper
Intra- and Interlaboratory Approach for Certification of Reference Materials for Assuring Quality of Low-Alloy Steel Measurement Results
A. B. Shehata, R. N. Yamani and I. F. Tahoun
Original Paper
New Method for Measurement of AC Voltages Above 1 V Using TVC and Voltage Divider
Rasha S. M. Ali and M. Helmy A. Raouf
Original Paper
Enhanced Ozone Production in Ambient Air at Patiala Semi-Urban Site During Crop Residue Burning Events
M. Rana, S. K. Mittal and G. Beig
Original Paper
Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Measured Wavelength of Laser Light Using Mach–Zehnder interferometer
H. Naser , H. M. Shanshool, S. F. Hassan and A. B. Dheyab