MAPAN – Journal Volume 19


Numbers 1-2, January – June 2004

Preface 3

Evolving Needs for Metrology in Trade, Industry and Society 5
Robert Kaarls

Rapid Progress made in Metrology in Chemistry by the 11
Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance – CCQM
Robert Kaarls

Metrology from a Practitioner’s Point of View 19
Bryan Kibble

Relevance of NABL Accreditation towards the Quality Scenario in India 23
A.K. Chakrabarty

Relevance and Adequacy of Measurements: Management Perspective 33
S.K. Kimothi and R.P. Sondhi

Mutual Recognition of Laboratories 37
Key to Meet Challenges for Automotive Trade
Rashmi Urdhwareshe

Metrological Equipment for Manufacturing and Testing 43
Gyroscopes, Accelerometers and Inertial Navigation Systems
G.I. Djandjgava, V.L. Budkin and A.K. Salomatin

Comparison of Calibration Procedures for Force Gauges to Establish 53
Traceability in Force Measurement
S.K. Jain, Kamlesh K. Jain and Anil Kumar

Design, Development and Characterization of 5 kN Force Gauge 61
J.K. Dhawan, Kamlesh K. Jain, S.S.K. Titus and Rajesh Kumar

Investigation of Hysteresis Loop of Universal Length Measuring Machine 69
and its Effect on Linear Measurement
Arif Sanjid, R.P. Singhal, K.P. Chaudhary, Vijay Kumar and Sameer

Analysis of Errors for Photolithographic Mask-Wafer Alignment 83
using Modified Moire Technique
Rina Sharma, V.N. Ojha, H. Furuhashi, Y. Uchida and V.T. Chitnis

Present Status of Mass Measurement at NPL India and its Metrological 91
Equivalence in Regional and Global Metrology Network
Tripurari Lal, M.L.Das, Goutam Mandal and Harish Kumar

Illuminancemeter – An Important Device for Photometry 103
B.K. Yadav, D.P. Bahuguna, Jai Bhagwan and H.C. Kandpal

Measurement of the Resolving Power of Convex Lenses 109
Om Prakash

Insulation Resistance Measurement of High Impedance Accelerometer Cables 117
V.N. Ojha, Sudhir K. Sharma, S.K. Singhal and G.S. Lamba

HPLC Studies on Evaluation of Purity of Pesticide Reference Standard Materials 121
R. Nageswara Rao and S. Naseeruddin Alvi

Estimation of Uncertainty of Measurement in Quantitative Analysis of 127
Minor Constituents of Steel
Rashmi and R. Ramachandran

Fortyfirst List of Fellows, Members and Company Members 133

Form IV 136

Number 3, July -September 2004

Optical Setup of the Proposed Laser Cooled Cs Fountain at NPL, India 139
Santa Chawla and Amitava Sen Gupta

Intercomparison between NIS and IMGC Viscosity 149
Scales in the Range from 14 000 mm2/ s to ~70 000 mm2/ s
and Extension of the National Viscosity Scale from
70000 mm2/s up to 100 000 mm2/s
M Mekawy and S. Lorefice

Comparison between Stability and Reproducibility of 155
Au/Pt, Pt/Pd and Pt-10%Rh/Pt Thermocouples
Yasser A. Abdelaziz

Realization of Tin and Zinc Fixed Points on the ITS-90 163
at the National Institute for Standards (NIS) in Egypt
MG Ahmed and K. Ali

Interlaboratory Proficiency Testing: Liquid-in-Glass 169
Thermometer Intercomparison-2001/02
Y.P. Singh, S.K. Nijhawan, R.P. Singhal, A.K. Saxena and S.U.M. Rao

Interlaboratory Proficiency Testing: 177
Thermocouple Intercomparison-2001/02
Y.P. Singh, S.K. Nijhawan, R.P. Singhal, A.K. Saxena and S.U.M. Rao

MSI Committees 185

Number 4, October -December 2004

Preface 189

Recent Developments in Metrology in Chemistry 191

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Robert Kaarls


Metrological Challenges in Bioanalysis 197
Helen Parkes

Update on COMAR -the Internet Database for 203
Certified Reference Materials
Thomas Steiger and Rita Pradel

Present Status of Certified Reference Materials in India 209
A.K. Agrawal

The Provision of Reference Materials in Japan 219
Toshiaki Asakai

The Reference Materials Programme at the Australian 239
National Measurement Institute
L.M. Besley

Certification of In-house Reference Materials 245
Ilya Kuselman

Correlation in Chemical and Other Measurements 253
Werner Haesselbarth and Wolfram Bremser

Volume Contents 264

Author Index 267