MAPAN Journal Volume 21

Number 1, January – March 2006

Stability Characteristics of Industrial Platinum Resistance
Thermometers Supplied by Different Manufacturers

Yasser A. Abdelaziz
Evaluation of Surface Roughness Using a Image Processing and Machine Vision System
B. Dhanasekar and B. Ramamoorthy
Estimation of Overall Uncertainty in Spin Concentration Measurement
of Paramagnetic Centres in Different Materials by EPR Spectroscopy

Manju Arora and S.K. Gupta
Evaluation of Uncertainty in Pressure and Vacuum Measurements
Using Direct Comparison and Least Square Error Fitting Methods

D. Arun Vijayakumar
Re-evaluation of Measurement Uncertainty of Ultrasonic Interferometer Manometer,
a Primary Pressure Standard Established at NPL, India

D.R. Sharma and D. Arun Vijayakumar
Status of NPL, India in CCM.V-K1 Intercomparison in Viscosity
Tripurari Lal and Surender Singh Yadav
Forty sixth List of Members 60
Form IV 62

Number 2, April – June 2006

Quantum Standards for Electrical Units
Ashok K. Gupta
Digital Processing of Speckle Interferometry to Measure Film Thickness and Surface Deformations
M. Necklawy, M. Bahrawy, A. Hassan, N. Farid and Arif Sanjid M.
Development of a Fast Image Processing Algorithm for Auto-Focusing of an Image in Contact-Less Measurement
N. J. Padte and N. Ramakrishnan
Uncertainty with its Components and Application in Degree of Equivalence in Calibration of Strip-Lamp & Optical-Pyrometer
N.K. Srivastava and Y.P. Singh
Calibration of Gauge Blocks Using Automatic Phase Stepping Interferometer at NPLI with Nanometer Uncertainty
Arif Sanjid M., K.P. Chaudhary and R.P. Singhal
Digital PRT : A Case Study for Uncertainty Estimation
J.K. Gupta and Rina Sharma
Fortyseventh List of Members 119

Number 3, July – October 2006

Preface 125
Current Status of Pressure Standards at NPLI and our experiences with the key comparison data base (KCDB)
A. K. Bandyopadhyay, Sanjay Yadav and Nita Dilawar
New calibration device for capacitance diaphragm gauge in the range 10 Pa to 13 kPa
S.Y.Woo, I.M.Choi
Automated Mass Handling for High Performance Pressure Balances
Martin Girard, Pierre Delajoud
The Temperature Compensation of High Precision Pressure Sensor Based on the Cubic Spline Interpolation
Fan Shangchun, Zhang Qiuli andA  Qin Jie
Calculation of effective area at zero pressure on large diameter piston-cylinder assembly using dimensional measurement data for being used as the first primary pressure standard of NIMT
Patipat Wongthep and Tawat Changpan
Realization of Gallium Triple Point at the National Institute for Standards (NIS) in Egypt
M. G. AHMED and K. ALI
Fortyeight List of Members and Instructions to Contributors 184 -185

Number 4, October – December 2006

Preface 189
Cesium Primary Frequency References
Steven R. Jefferts, Thomas P. Heavner and Elizabeth A. Donley
Recent Progress in Optical Frequency Standards
Kensuke Matsubara, Tetsuya Ido and Mizuhiko Hosokawa
Time Scales
Patrizia Tavella
International Atomic Time Scales and Related Time Transfer
W. Lewandowski
Time Transfer through GPS, and the Harmonization of GPS, GLONASS and Galileo for Timing
P. Banerjee and D. Matsakis
Review of Two-Way Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer
Michito Imae
Microwave Synthesis for Atomic Frequency Standards
A. Sen Gupta
Development and Implementation of the CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement in the Time and Frequency
Activities of Asia Pacific Region

R. B. Warrington and H. S. Lee
Instructions to Contributors 271