MAPAN Journal Volume No. – 23

Number 1: January – March 2008

Comparison of Argon Triple Point between NIS-Egypt and LNE-INM/CNAM-France
M.G. Ahmed, K. Ali and Y. Hermier
Proficiency Testing for Surface Roughness Standard and Groove Depth Standard
Arif Sanjid M., K P. Chuadhary and R.P. Singhal
Mixed Flow Relative Humidity Generator
Hari Kishan and Bhikham Singh
Dissemination of Traceability in Chemistry to the Field Laboratories
Laly Samuel and Andrew Tromans
Complete Characterization of a Low Thermal Scanner for Automatic Voltage Measurement
Shiv Kumar Jaiswal
Measurement of Cutting Tool Condition by Surface Texture Analysis Based on Image Amplitude Parameters of Machined Surfaces-an Experimental Approach
B.S. Prasad and M.M.M. Sarcar
Calibration Technique of a Set of Weights using one Reference Standard
Goutam Mandal and Tripurari Lal
Instruction to Authors 60

Number 2: April – June 2008

Trend Analysis of Total Column Ozone over New Delhi, India
S.L. Jain, Pavan S. Kulkarni, Sachin D. Ghude, Suraj D. Polade, B.C. Arya, P.K. Dubey and Shahnawaz
Study of the Long Term Performance on the Calibration Data of the Coaxial Thermistor Mounts up to 18 GHz
Saood Ahmad, V.K. Rustagi, A.K. Govil, Bijendra Pal and P.C. Kothari
Evaluation of Interlaboratory Performance through Proficiency Testing using Pressure Dial Gauge in the Hydraulic Pressure
Measurement up to 70 MPa

Sanjay Yadav, Om Prakash, V. K. Gupta, B.V. Kumaraswamy and A. K. Bandyopadhyay
Use of an Alternative Probe for Improving Flue Gas Collection for Estimation of Hg
T.B. Das, Rupa Das, A.K. Gangopadhyay and B.Ghosh
Preparation of Metal Standard Solution for Chemical Analysis of Fe, Cu, Cd, Hg and Pb
Nuryatini and Sumardi
Calibration of Special Relative Humidity and Temperature (RHT) Sensors and Evaluation and Expression of Uncertainty in the Measurement
Bhikham Singh, Hari Kishan and Y. P. Singh
List of Reviewers – 2007 122
Instruction to Authors 126

Number 3: July – September 2008

Number 4: October – December 2008

The Influence of the Ball on the Brinell Hardness Tester Calibration
Jozef PetrA­k, Vojtech MikloA? and TomA?A? TompoA?
Measurements of the Friction Coefficient for Banknotes
Han Wook Song, Sam Yong Woo, Yon Kyu Park and Sungjun Lee
Estimation of the Uncertainty in Chemical Measurements
A.K. Agrawal
Investigating Pt/Pd Thermocouples in the Temperature Range from 800 A?C to 1500 A?C at the National Institute of Standards NIS-Egypt
M.G. Ahmed and K. Ali
Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of Long Decay Phosphor
Parag Sharma, Sudama, Ranjana Mehrotra and H.C. Kandpal
Updating of Tsugami Gauge Block Interferometer and Evaluation of Uncertainty of Measurement
M. Bahrawi and Niveen Farid
High Resolution Ultrasonic Attenuation Measurement in Pulse-echo Setup
P.K. Dubey, S. Rajagopalan, V.R. Vyaghra, V.M. Pendsey and S.J. Sharma
List of Members 257