MAPAN Journal Volume No. – 25

Number 1: January – March 2010

Klaus D. Stock and H.C. Kandpal
Traceable Radiometric

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Calibration of Semiconductor Detectors and their Application for Thermodynamic Temperature Measurement
J. Hartmann, J. Holandt, P. Meindl, D. Taubert and L. Werner

From Primary Standard to Mobile Measurements-Overview of the Spectral Irradiance Calibration Equipment at PTB
Peter Sperfeld, Sven Pape and Bettina Barton
Upgradation of a Spectral Irradiance Measurement Facility at National Physical Laboratory, India
Parag Sharma, V.K Jaiswal, Sudama, Ranjana Mehrotra and H.C. Kandpal
Traceable Laser Power Measurements of Diode Laser Radiation in the Near Infrared
Friedhelm Brandt, Stefan KA?ck and AndrA© GrA?tz
Bilateral Comparison of Power Measurement Standards for KrF Excimer Lasers between PTB and NIST
S. KA?ck, F. Brandt, M.L. Dowel, C.L. Cromer and D.A. Keenan
Measurement of the Nonlinearity of Ge and InGaAs-Photodiodes at High Irradiance Lev els
M. LA?pez, J.C. Molina, H. Hofer, A. Sperling and S. KA?ck
Development of a New Transfer Standard for High UVIrradiances
Saulius Nevas and Peter Sperfeld
Discriminator Threshold Selection Logic to Improve Signal to Noise Ratio in Photon Counting
P.K. Dubey, S.L. Jain, B.C. Arya and PS. Kulkarni
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Number 2: April – June 2010

Study of Mode Structure of a 612 nm He-Ne Laser in a Transverse Magnetic Field
Fouad El-Diasty, M.A. Sobee, Hatem Hussein and Rania Sayed
Enhancement of Accuracy of Multi-axis Machine Tools through Error Measurement and Compensation of Errors Using Laser Interferometry Technique
Swapan Barman and Ranjan Sen
Metrological Characterization of a Primary Vickers Hardness Standard Machine-NIS Egypt
G. Mohamed, M. Ibrahim, A.E. Abuelezz, M. Adly and A. Khatab
Least Squares Best Fit Line Method for the Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainty with Electromechanical Transducers (EMT) with Electrical Outputs (EO)
Sanjay Yadav, B.V. Kumaraswamy, V.K. Gupta and A.K. Bandyaopadhyay
A Comparative Study of Statistical Methods Used in Analyzing the Proficiency Testing Results of Yield Stress
R. Hegazy, M.I. Mohamed and Abu-Sinna
The Quantitative Estimation of Silica in Rice Husk Ash by Titrimetric Method: A Case Study for Uncertainty Calculation
Nijhuma Kayal and Nahar Singh
Establishment of Traceability for Strain Measuring Data Acquisition System in Terms of Voltage
Bijendra Pal, Anil Kumar, Sunidhi Madan, Saood Ahmad and A.K. Govil

Number 3: July – September 2010

Wolfram Bremser and Prabhat K. Gupta
Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry – A Primary Method of Measurement and Its Role for RM Certification
Jochen Vogl and Wolfgang Pritzkow
Recent Developments in Aerosol Measurement Techniques and the Metrological Issues
Shankar G. Aggarwal
Metrological Traceability Chain for pH Measurement Results
Petra Spitzer and Steffen Seitz
Production, Characterization and Development of Standards for Biodiesel – A Review
Onkar S. Tyagi, Neeraj Atray, Basant Kumar and Arunabha Datta
Metrology in Chemistry in Germany
Bernd Guttler and Wolfgang Richter
Instructions to Contributors 227

Number 4: October – December 2010

Modeling of Laser Scanning System to Determine Its Associated Uncertainty of Measurement
K. P. Chaudhary, Arif Sanjid M. and Shashi Moitra
Study of Impact Energy and Hardness on Reinforced Polymeric Composites
Ebtisam H. Hasan, Khaled M. Shokry and Aly A. Emam
Evaluation of the Expanded Relative Uncertainty of NIS Developed Dead Weight Machine
Seif. M. Osman, Ebtisam H. Hasan and H.M. El-Hakeem
Development of Viscosity Transfer Standards from Chitosan/Gelatin Mixtures
Kh. El-Nagar, M. Amer, M. Mekawy and Essam El Din Mahmoud
Application of a Commercially Available Displacement Measuring Interferometer to Line Scale Measurement and Uncertainty of Measurement
M. Bahrawi and Niveen Farid
Interlaboratory Proficiency Testing: Intercomparison in Relation to the Measurement of Alumina, Iron (III) Oxide and Titania Present in Homogenised China Clay
S. Basak, S.S. Mukherjee, S.N. Mandal, Rama Das, A.K. Mazumder, J.K. Mondal, R. Sammaddar, S. Mondal and Dipali Kundu
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