MAPAN Journal Volume No. – 26

Number 1: January – March 2011

Toshiyuki Takatsuji and Krishan Pal Chaudhary 1
Kiyoshi Takamasu
Present Problems in Coordinate Metrology for Nano and Micro Scale Measurements 3
Krishan Pal Chaudhary, Chandra Shakher and Shashi Kumar Singh
Measurement of the Size and Spacing of Standard Wire Sieves Using an Image Processing System and Wavelet Transform
Arif Sanjid M. and Krishan Pal Chaudhary
A Novel Multiple Reflections Technique to Calibrate Polygons and Evaluation of its Uncertainty of Measurement
Hiroshi Sato
Influence of Index Table Accuracy on Roundness Calibration in the Multi-Step Method Using Monte Carlo Simulation
Kosuke Iimura, Eiichiro Kataoka, Miyu Ozaki and Ryoshu Furutani
The Uncertainty of Parallel Model Coordinate Measuring Machine
Ryohei Takeda and Masaharu Komori
Development of Scanning Measurement of Tooth Flank Form of Generated Face Mill Hypoid Gear Pair with Reference to the Conjugate Mating Tooth Flank Form Using 2 Axes Sensor
Yasuhiko Arai, Masaki Ando, Sho Kanameishi and Shunsuke Yokozeki
Mrcro 3D Measurement Method Using SEM
Lung-Hen Chow, Yi-Ting Chen, Liang-Hsing Chen and Gwo-Sheng Peng
Practical Interpretation of Metrological Traceability on Gauge Block as to VIM 3
Form IV 87
Instructions to Contributors 88
Announcement 89

Number 2: April – June 2011

Pranalee P. Thorat and P. Banerjee
Use of Teleclock Service to Synchronize Computer Clock
M. Abdullah, J.S. Mandeep, S.Zainuddin, S. Abdullah and A.F.M. Zain
Variations of foF2 Prior to Earthquakes
M. Helmy A. Raouf
Manual/ Automated Capacitance Box Using Micro-Controller Technique
Jasveer Singh, Ashok Kumar, Nita Dilawar Sharma and A.K. Bandyopadhyay
Reliability and Long Term Stability of a Digital Pressure Gauge (DPG) Used as a Standard- A Case Study
M. Helmy A. Raouf, Rasha S.M. Ali and M.S. Gadelrab
Construction and Remote Calibration of an Automated Resistance Measuring System
Sanjay Yadav, V.K. Gupta and A.K. Bandyopadhyay
Standardisation of Pressure Measurement Using Pressure Balance as Transfer Standard
K.M. Khaled, G. Aggag, A.E. Abuelezz and M.G. Elsherbiny
The Influence of Misalignment on the Uncertainty of Vertical Torque Calibration Machine
Form IV 159
Instruction to Author 160
Announcement 161

Number 3: July – September 2011

John D. Wright and Jiunn-Haur Shaw
Bell Prover – Calibration and Monitoring of Time Stability
Miroslava Benkova, Stefan Makovnik, Ivan Mikulecky and Vlastimil Zamecnik
Establishment and Verification of a Primary Low-Pressure Gas Flow Standard at NIMT
Chun-Min Su, Win-Ti Lin and Sutham Masri
Uncertainty Analysis of NIST’s 20 Liter Hydrocarbon Liquid Flow Standard
Aaron N. Johnson, Chris J. Crowley and T.T. Yeh
Novel Water Flow Facility in France Range Extension to Low Flow Rates (10 000 ml/h down to 1 ml/h)
Christopher David and Pierre Claudel
Bilateral Comparison between NIM’s and NIST’s Gas Flow Standards
Chunhui Li and Aaron Johnson
Numerical Simulations of Coriolis Flow Meters for Low Reynolds Number Flows
Vivek Kumar and Martin Anklin
Laminar Flow Meter with Straight Glass Capillary
Chih-Cheng Feng, Win-Ti Lin and Cheng-Tsair Yang
Performance of a Gas Flow Meter Calibration System Utilizing Critical Flow Venturi Standards
Michael Carter, William Johansen and Charles Britton
Gas-Liquid Two Phase Flow Pattern Evolution Characteristics Based on Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
Lu-Sheng Zhai, Ning-Dejin, Zhong-Ke Gao, Ping Chen and Heng Chi
Instruction to Author 267
Announcement 268

Number 4: October – December 2011

C. Seethala, G. Pandithurai, Jerome D. Fast, Suraj D. Polade, M.S. Reddy and Steven E. Peckham
Evaluating WRF-Chem Multi-Scale Model in Simulating Aerosol Radiative Properties Over the Tropics-A Case Study Over India
K. Pant, P. Arora, S. Yadav and A. Sen Gupta
Generation of Quadrupole Magnetic Field for Trapping Atoms in Cs Fountain being Developed at NPL India
Fouad EL-Diasty, M.A. Sobee, Hatem Hussien and Rania Sayed
A Heterodyne Laser System to Study Frequency Stabilized Zeeman 633 nm He-Ne Lasers Deficient in Temperature Steadiness
Yasuhiko Arai, Yasunori Tsutsumi, Marie Kikukawa and Shunsuke Yokozeki
Speckle Interferometry by Using Virtual Speckle Pattern Based on Carre Algorithm
Ying Yan Qu, Terry Lucke and Simon Beecham
Measuring Flows in Partially-Filled Pipes in Siphonic Roof Drainage Systems
Hala Mohamed Abdel Mageed
A New Automatic System for Calibrating the Solid State DC Voltage Reference Standards at NIS, Egypt
Shiv Kumar Jaiswal
Direct Comparison between the NIST 10 V Conventional Josephson Voltage Standard and 2.5 V Programmable Josephson Voltage Standard
Alaaeldin A. Eltawil, Shaker A. Gelany and Douglas A. Olson
Results of Hydraulic Pressure Comparison in the Range from 25 MPa to 200 Mpa between NIS-Egypt and NIST-USA
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