Metrology Society of India

The Metrology Society of India (MSI) is a registered Society under the Registration of the Society Act XXI of 1860. MSI was founded on 1st January 1984 with the aim to promote and disseminate Metrology-The Science of Measurements in its varied aspects.


  • To provide a forum for exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences of persons and agencies connected with metrology.
  • To promote better understanding, awareness and appreciation of various aspects of metrology .
  • To advance knowledge and education and scientific, industrial and legal metrology .
  • To publish transactions, proceedings , journals, and such other publications as may be found desirable.
  • To set up and maintain a library, information centre and museum connected with metrology.
  • To organize lectures, seminars, colloquia, conferences, workshops and expositions on metrology .
  • To design, promote, participate in and conduct short, long and refresher courses on scientific, industrial and legal metrology.
  • To cooperate and coordinate with Government and other organizations with a view to promote a national measurement system .
  • To advise and assist the Government in formulating legislative and other measures for further growth of metrology in the country.
  • To uphold, protect and advance the interests of the persons engaged in metrology.
  • To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conductive to the above aims and objectives.

These activities have been sustained all these years and have helped to foster interaction amongst metrologists A employed in industries, laboratories, R& D and academic institutions.


MSI has been organizing technical activities such as workshops/symposia/seminars/lectures, etc. in various fields of metrology, which provide a good opportunity to review the rapid and multidisciplinary developments taking place in industry, in research and in education.

MSI is publishing since October 1985, a quarterly journal, which is now SCI Journal, MAPAN-Journal of Metrology Society of India, exclusively devoted to metrology. A It is being abstracted by INSPEC DATA Base, U.K. A The journal is guided by an international editorial board. A The members receive the copy of journal , free of cost.


Membership of the Society shall be open to individuals without distinction of sex, race or nationality and to recognized bodies who subscribe to the aims and objects of the Society.


There shall be six classes of Life Membership of the Society namely:


Honorary Fellow shall be an individual of outstanding professional distinction in the field of metrology or his/her admission will be conductive to be best interest of the society and shall be enrolled only by invitation of the Council and his prior consent. A Such enrolments may not exceed five per year and the total number of Honorary Fellow shall not exceed 5 per cent of the total membership except in the formative stage.


An individual who is actively engaged in any field of metrology may become a fellow by nomination from Fellow Membership, one as proposer and second as supporter, provided that he / she satisfied the conditions stated under sub clauses (kindly go to for details).


Any individual actively engaged in any field of metrology may become Member on application to the Council (kindly go to for details).


Any individual actively engaged in any field of metrology may become an Associate Member for the period of maximum 5 years on application (kindly go to http:/ for details).


Any individual may become a Student Member on application to the Council provided that he/she is a student of B.Sc., Diploma B.E., B. Tech, M. Sc., Ph.D. and has interest in metrology. A Their membership tenure will be limited to their course duration.


Any Public or private institution, Govt. Department, research laboratory or professional body, academic institution or organization or firm engaged in activities related to metrology such as measurement standards, calibration, testing, standardization, Quality control, manufacture or supply of any type of measurement standard or test /measuring instrument of equipment etc. may become a Corporate Member on application to the Council provided and the Council decides to enroll it as a Corporate Member. A They shall have the right to nominate its representative for correspondence and vote. A They shall have the right to change their nominee any time.


The qualification for the various classes A membership and mode of enrolement shall be governed by the guidelines of the Society (for details please visit://

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