MAa€“PAN-Journal of Metrology Society of India is a quarterly publication. It is exclusively devoted to Metrology (Scientific, Industrial or Legal). The Metrology Society of India (MSI) invites the submission of research communication or technical article on topics of current interest. Original work, tutorials and survey papers, which contribute to new knowledge or understanding of any metrology principle, method or technique are welcome.

Papers are considered for publication on the clear understanding that they have not been published previously or submitted to another journal for publication. Further, they will not be sent for publication elsewhere, if published in MAPAN. Papers should be clearly written in English and sent in duplicate to :

Dr. Sanjay Yadav

Managing Editor, MAPAN-JMSI

Metrology Society of India

NPL Premises

Dr.K.S.Krishnan Marg

New Delhi-110012


Elements of the Manuscripts:

A cover sheet consists of a short title, name, affiliation and address of all authors.

Manuscript must start from the next page with title on top of the page.

An abstract of about 100-200 words should be provided on the title page. This should be readable without reference to the article and should indicate the scope of the contribution, including the main conclusions.

An introduction : The introduction to be beginning with what is new in the paper, not with statement that is well known to everyone.

Appropriate section of text.

A conclusion.

An optional acknowledgement.

A list of references in proper format.

A set of original figures and tables.

A list of captions for all figures and title for all tables.

References :

References must be prepared in proper format (examples of various types are given below) and numbered consecutively in the order in which they are cited in the text.

Books :

Authors name, title of the book, publisher, year, pp. first and last page no.

Periodicals :

Authors name, title of article, name of journal, vol. no. (year) pp. first and last page no. [Guang-Bo Gao

and Xiang Gui, Reliability physics as a new discipline, Microelectron.Reliab., 28(1988) 713-720.]

Conference records :

Authors name, title of article, name of conference, place where held, year, pp. first and last page no.

Unpublished conference presentations :

Authors name, title of article, name of conference, place where held, year.

Technical reports :

Authors name, title of article, report no., published by, year.

Copyright :

Authors have to fill the transfer of copyright form at the time of acceptance of paper for publication.

Right of Publication :

The Publication & Information Committee reserves the right of publication. The committee is not responsible for the views expressed by the Authors.


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(Transfer of Copyright by Authors to MSI Publications)


Transfer of Copyright Agreement :

1. We certify that the work titled above is our original creation and is not copied from any other work except for the portions, which are clearly indicated by credits contained therein.

2. We certify that we are the sole owners of the work and of the copyright pertaining to it, that we have not transferred the ownership of the work or of the copyright in the work or any interest therein or any part thereof to any other person or entity.

3. We also certify that our above-mentioned work has neither been submitted for publication not so far published in any journal or magazine.

4. The copyright to the above-mentioned work is hereby transferred to the Metrology Society of India (MSI), effective from receipt of the manuscript by MSI. This includes the right to publish the work, to reproduce it, and to disseminate it, either alone or collectively with other works in whatever fashion MSI deems appropriate.

5. We reserve the following

i. all the proprietary rights other than copyright such as patent right.

ii. the right to use all or part of this work in future works of our own lectures, reviews, text books, etc.

In the event the above mentioned work is not accepted or published by MSI within 18 months or is withdrawn by us before acceptance by the MSI, this agreement becomes null and void.


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