Bio data of Dr. Shankar G. Aggarwal

Dr. Shankar G. Aggarwal


Current position and contact:

Shankar G. Aggarwal, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist, Rm No. 150

Analytical Chemistry Section

Division of Sophisticated and Analytical Instrumentation

CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi 110012

Ph: 91 11 4560 8563

Fax: 91 11 4560 9310


About him

Dr. Shankar G. Aggarwal did his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry with Prof. K.S. Patel from Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur (CG), India in 1999. After his Ph.D. award, he worked with Prof. C. J. Tsai at NCTU, Taiwan and ITRI (one of the DIs), Taiwan for several years on gas and aerosol related researches (measurement and control technology). Thereafter he received JSPS fellowship and worked at Hokkaido University, Japan with Prof. K. Kawamura on aerosol chemistry/geo-chemistry and its microphysical properties before he joined CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, India in 2009. He is working as Senior Scientist, and his current research focus at NPL is ‘‘metrology for national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS)’’ in which he involves in preparation of aqueous standards, preparation of gas standards and PM calibration work. So far he has been published more than 50 papers in high impact factor journals and awarded 3 patents in the field of analytical chemistry and aerosol-gas chemistry/ physics and measurements/control. Recently, during 30th CITAC (Cooperation on International Traceability in Analytical Chemistry) meeting in Paris he has received “CITAC Best Paper Award –2013” for one of his lead authored papers. Other awards in his credit include: best research team member in ITRI, outstanding poster in Asian Aerosols Conference 2011, award of outstanding contribution in reviewing work from AE (an Elsevier Journal). He has given more than 60 talks on his researches in different conferences/ workshops/ events organized at different part on the globe (~ 15 countries).  Recently he has given a talk in BIPM in the first “Particulate Workshop 2015”. He is a member of task group of CCQM-GAWG for the area of “aerosol particle measurements”. Currently he is representing India in APMP and BIPM-CCQM meetings (in chemical area).  He was a Guest Editor of a special issue of “MAPAN-Journal of Metrology Society of India (Springer)” on “Aerosol Measurement Science and Technology”, September 2013, and now is one of the Associate Editors of  MAPAN-JMSI (since January 2015). He is also the Editorial Board Member of an international journal “Aerosol and Air Quality Research” since 2011. He is a reviewer of several journals including: AAQR, MAPAN-JMSI, AE, JGR, EST, Talanta, ACP, AR, etc. He has been the member of organizing committee of several national and international conferences/workshops including technical committee member of Asian Aerosols Conference 2011, and convener of one-day Pre-AdMet2013 international workshop: “Chemical Metrology: Challenges and Opportunities in Gases and  Aerosols”. He is a life member of several scientific societies including: MSI, IASTA, ISAS, IAAPC, etc.