Vice President -Ms Ranjana Mehrotra


2. Date of Birth : 2nd July 1959

3. Current Position and : Chief Scientist & Head
Address Physico Mechanical Metrology Division
CSIR-National Physical Laboratory
New Delhi 110 012

91-11- 45608315/45609210 (Off)
91-120-4243536 (Res), 9811507989 (Mobile)

Permanent Address : A-207, SECTOR 26
NOIDA 201 301

4. Educational Qualifications:

5. Academic/Research experience/Employment:

6. Area of specialization: – Physico-Mechanical Metrology
– Photometry and Radiometry Metrology
– Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy
– Near field Microscopy

7. Highlights of contributions to the area of specialization

Thirty eight years of in-depth multidisciplinary research and development experience at CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, in the field of Physico-Mechanical Metrology, Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy and Near Field Microscopy.

Presently working as Chief Scientist and Head, Physico-Mechanical Metrology Division, CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi. Working as Head, Optical Radiation Metrology, Sub-divisions of National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi. The primary responsibility is to establish and maintain National Standards and to participate in the international/bilateral inter-comparisons and key-comparisons in order to make the National Standards compatible to international standards. The job also involves disseminating National Standards to users by providing them traceability to all their measurements through apex level calibration services. We also provide technical consultancy to industries for enhancing their quality systems aiding them in remaining competitive in the world markets. Regularly organized training program for Physico-Mechanical parameters for industry personnel, academicians and for SAARC countries.

Along with above, my research interest involves development of infrared, Raman spectroscopy and near field microscopy based tools and technologies for industrial applications. I have established state of the art independent research facility to undertake such activities.

8. Professional Affiliations:

1) President : CIE- National Committee of India,

(International Commission on Illumination)

2) Chairperson Bureau of Indian Standards:

Photograph and Cinematographic committee (MED-32)

3) Chairperson Bureau of Indian Standards:

Lamps and Lighting committees (ETD-23)

4) Vice President, metrology Society of India

5) Member Editorial Board “American Journal of Optics and Photonics” (2013)

6) Member Editorial Board “Pharmaceutica Analytica Acta” (2010-2012)

7) Member Editorial Board “Journal of Pure and Applied Spectrophysics”

8) Associate Editor MSI News letter

Life membership

1) Optical Society of India

2) Indian Spectro Physics Association

3) Indian Science Congress Association

4) Instrumentation Society of India

5) Indian Society of Analytical Scientists

6) Indian Women Scientists Association

7) Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad

8) Metrology Society of India

9. Other Responsibilities

• Head, Physico Mechanical Metrology Division

• Head, Optical Radiation Metrology Sub-Division

• Chairperson : Appointment Committee, CSIR-NPL, New Delhi

• Chairperson : Sexual Harassment Committee CSIR, New Delhi

• Chairperson : Sexual Harassment Committee CSIR-NPL, New Delhi

• Projects handled and on-going as Principal Investigator: (Twelve projects)

• Projects handled as Co-PI: (Five projects)

10. Honours/Awards received:

o Appreciation by the then Honorable President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on research work & scientific paper in his inaugural address in a conference. The citation appeared in CSIR website and CSIR News, 2006.

o Article “Vibrational spectroscopy at NPL, India” appeared in NIR News, UK, Vol 11, No.4, 2000.

o Article “IR Technique – Reduces hours to a minute” appeared in TIFAC news, Volume 7, No. 3, July- Sept 1999.

o The research work, Elastomechanical characterisation of brain tissues, was adjudged best to receive Shri Shyam Lal Sexena Memorial award for the year 1992-1993 by National Academy of Medical Sciences, India.

o Fifteen papers received best paper award in different Conferences.

Fellowship received

o INSA-DFG visiting scientist fellowship 2007-2008

o INSA-DFG visiting scientist fellowship 2001-2002

o Recipient of research assistantship of University of Exeter, U.K.

o CSIR fellowship (JRF & SRF)

o Fellowship of IIT Delhi

10. (a) List of Research Publications including popular articles, if any; 121
(b) Number of Books authored/edited: Six chapters in Books/Encyclopedia

11. Number of Patents/Copy rights/Trade Mark/IPR granted/applied for & highlights of translational research contributions: One

12. Technologies developed, Licensed and/or commercialized with details:

a. Initiated and successfully completed an industry (Siel Ltd and STM) sponsored R&D project to develop near infrared based technique for on-line monitoring of sugar content in sugarcane juices and sugarcane solids. This has helped the industry in increasing the productivity and cost reduction in a substantial manner.

b. In textile industry, in order to get optimum yield, it is necessary to maintain stable mechanical and physical properties of the cellulose fibers during the process. It can be done by quantification of different constituents present at different stages of processing. I successfully developed Infrared spectroscopic technique for quantitative analysis of raw materials (pulp), intermediate materials (viscose) and finished products for Grasim Industry, Nagda.

c. The infrared study on tumor pathology has become an excellent tool in understanding the biochemistry of the malignant cells. Infrared technique will help the cancer patients in fast diagnosis so that the proper treatment can be started well in time. This technique will also help in defining the boundary of cancer at the time of operation. We have successfully established a couple of infrared markers for tumour diagnosis under a DST sponsored project in collaboration with MAX Hospital, New Delhi.

13. Dissertations supervised

(a) Ph.D : Completed 7
: In Progress 3

(b) Post Graduation : 12

AcSIR (M.Tech/Ph.D) Course Coordinator for:

1. Research Methodology, Scientific Writing & Communication Skills

2. Advanced self study (NPL 702)

3. Project proposal (NPL 801)

4. Review paper writing (NPL 802)