Vice President – Dr. Sanjay Yadav

Dr. Sanjay Yadav, born in 1962, obtained his master degree in science (M.Sc.) in 1985 and Ph.D. degree in Physics in 1990. He joined Pressure and Vacuum Standards Group of NPL, New Delhi, India as Scientist during 1995. Prior to joining at NPLI, he has worked more than 7 years as Project Officer in Science and Technology Department, Haryana Government for the implementation of various rural development programmes. He has significantly contributed in the field of pressure metrology, biomedical instrumentation, ultrasonic transducers and instrumentation systems.

Presently, He is Principal Scientist and Head, Pressure and Vacuum Standards Group of NPL. He is also Faculty Member under Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) teaching ‘Advanced Measurement Techniques & Metrology’ course and taking practical classes for M. Tech. and Ph.D. students since 2011.

He is the recipient of research scholarships from Ministry of Home Affairs, India (1986); CSIR, India (1988); Col. G.N. Bajpayee Award of Institution of Engineers, India (1989); Commendation Certificates from Haryana Government (1991 & 1992); JICA Fellowship of JAPAN (1998), Commendation Certificates from SASO, Saudi Arabia (2003); 3 Appreciation Certificates from Director, NPL (2005); Managing Editor, MAPAN (2006-2014); Joint Secretary of Metrology Society of India (MSI), Delhi (2007-2014), 2 Software Development Certificates from Director, NPL (2008);  General Secretary of Metrology Society of India (MSI), Delhi (2015); nominated as Member of APMP Technical Committee of Mass Related Quantities (TCM), Australia (2013) and very recently Treasurer of Ultrasonic Society of India (Sept. 2015).

He is working as Managing Editor of Mapan: The Journal of Metrology Society of India. Recently in 2010, he has been included in the Editorial Board of International Journal of Metrology and Quality Engineering (IJMQE), France. He is also elected as Associate Editor-in-Chief of BGR Publications in 2015. He is reviewer of several SCI journals namely, Measurement Science and Technology (IOP Publication), Measurement (Elsevier Publication,), Metrology and Measurement System (Polish Academy of Science), Measurement Science Review (Central European Science Publisher), MAPAN-JMS (MSI Publication), International Journal of Metrology and Quality Engineering (IJMQE, France), NCSLI Measure: J of Measurement Science (NCSLI USA), J. Pure and Applied Ultrasonics (USI, Publication). He is the Fellow of Metrology Society of India (MSI) and Ultrasonic Society of India (USI). He is also Life Member of Instrument Society of India (ISOI) and Vigyan Bharti.

He has extensively visited LNE, France during 1998 (one week) and 2014 (one week); NMIJ, AIST, Japan during 1998-99 (10 months); NMCL, SASO, Saudi Arabia, 2003 (2 months) and KIM-LIPI, Indonesia during 2014 (one week) on official deputations.

His current research interests include research and developmental activities in pressure and vacuum metrology from atmospheric pressure to 1.0 GPa; establishment, realization, maintenance and up-gradation of national pressure and vacuum standards; dissemination of national practical pressure scale to users through apex level calibration, training and consultancy services; interlaboratory comparisons, proficiency testing programme and key comparisons, implementation of Quality System in the laboratory as per ISO/IEC 17025 standard and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Monte Carlo Simulations for pressure balances.

He has significantly contributed in the participation of various key comparisons viz. CCM.P-K8 (50 to 500 MPa) 1997, APLAC Interlaboratory comparison (0-50 MPa), 1998, APMP.M.P-K7 (10 – 100 MPa), 2002, CCM.P-K7 (10-100 MPa), 2004, CCM.P-K13 (50 to 500 MPa) 2009 and CCM.P-K13 (50 to 500 MPa) 2011. He has also coordinated 7 proficiency testing programmes sponsored by NABL, India for Indian accredited pressure laboratories during the period from 2002 to 2010.  He has more than 100 research publications to his credit, published in the national and international journals of repute.